Ford Ecosport, the mini-SUV will stepin India and detect a location in the crossover SUV section which isslowly and steadily deriving famous. Their compact size fits prettywith congested Indian roads and adds specialty to the car. Fordappears to have a extremely hectic schedule, like it has revealed itsnovel car. Codenamed as B512, the American car producer hasbrought out this squeezed SUV at the mega event which will befollowed by an official launch in Indian market. Ford Ecosport is aclever collection of a SUV, compact car and a hatchback. The presentmodel of Ford Ecosport is rather a success in Brazil and Indian carmarket has similar dynamics to Brazil, hence, Ford wishes to repeatthat form of success in India also.

Below the hood, Ford Ecosport will comewith a new 1.0 liter 3 cylinder eco boost petrol engine bringingforth 120 PS power and a peak torque of 170 Nm add super low Co2levels of 140 g/km. This specific engine is a down-sizeddirect-injected, turbocharged petrol engine that supports the similarresult like churned by a 1.6-liter engine. The USP about this enginewill be its small size which will produce for great fuel economy.
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Nowadays, one may want that a mileageof not less as compared to 20 kmpl will be rescued by this economical1-liter engine with a power generation of bhp. This is a excellentnumber for a SUV in India. Ford might only built this car a smallheavier and a bit less streamlined to encourage up the power producedby the engine. It is pretty evident that Ford Ecosport has a similarplatform as Ford Fiesta, thus the car will be just in front wheeldrive, distancing itself away from the 4x4 option. Ford Ecosport iswanted to afford a extremely smooth ride and is plannedconsiderately to support a classic driving known also with the ruggedIndian terrains too.

Ford India has been well successful inIndia also. It has released also many cars, which were winning incajoling the consumers substantially. Some of the most potentialityand outstanding cars in India by Ford contain of Ford Fiesta Classic,Ford Endeavour, Ford Novel Ikon, Novel Ford Fiesta and Ford Figo. All these cars have been took account by the consumers as well as thecritics. Ford Ecosport is prevalent in global market as 2004; still,Indian version will arrive only in 2012.