The Tata Sumo Gold has been conceivedand planned holding in mind the requirements of the young &progressive customers, who are seeming for a stylish, novel-agevehicle that is strong and brings on any terrain with ease.

Releasing the Tata Sumo Gold, Mr. R. Ramakrishnan, VicePresident, Commercial - PCBU, Tata Motors said, "The Tata SumoGold is a result of extended customer studies and field tests. Theproduct has been planed to satisfy various requirements, long-awaitedby the novel generation customer."

At the heart of eachTata Sumo Gold, lies a growling engine that thumps out vicious power.The Tata Sumo Gold goes a step ahead in keeping the reins of power inthe customer's hands, by allowing him select from 2 powerhouses, thatfits his driving known, delivering the best-in-class acceleration,power and an excellent torque helped pick-up & pull power.

CR4 Turbo - BS4: Symbolizing a novelelevated state of automobile engineering, the everything-novel CR4Turbo engine takes fresh blood to a lineage of strong engines. This2956cc found out powerhouse delivers an output of 85Ps @ 3000rpm anda torque of 250Nm @ 1000 to 2000rpm. On a stunning mileage of 14.7kmpl, this engine is one giant leap ahead of the rest, in its league.

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Di Turbo BS3: Bringing years ofknow-how to a lineage of power is the Di Turbo engine. This 2956 ccengine is all-muscle, generating an output of 70 PS @ 3000 rpm and atorque of 225 Nm @ 1600 to 2000 rpm. Its sheer size and heft producesthe Di Turbo the big sized diesel engine. This engine delivers animpressive mileage of 14.3kmpl.

The Tata Sumo Gold has an imposingpoise, broad stable stance and a visual blitzkrieg of fashionablebody graphics. A novel headlight plan works in tandem with a hightail lamp cluster, high power forward and back fog lamps, toilluminate the path. A renewed front grill, broad back with a cleanrear and a spare wheel under the cabin, add to its dominant presenceas well as to its functionality. Large 15'/ 16' wheels with broad 215mm or 185 mm radial tires and a high ground clearance of 190 mm endsthe Tata Sumo Gold's aggressive feels.

The Tata Sumo Gold islike refined with the within like it is muscular with the outside. Aleather wrapped steering wheel, with hydraulic power assistance,keeps the driver in perfect control. A fashionable centre silverconsole and a dashboard are considerately placed thus that reachingout for them is near instinctive. Plush fabrics plus a touch ofedification, to the broad insides, like great head, leg and shoulderspace produces room for all riders.

The modern HVAC, with simple toachieve controls, most recent music system, power windows and anengine immobilizer with a key, produces each drive comfortable,secure and entertained. Switching gears will be simpler on a smoothshort throw gear lever. A complete characterized instrument panelinforms you considering each requirement detail, about the Tata SumoGold.