The Peugeot 508 that I've been drivingthis week wouldn't stoop to anything thus vulgar, its number A6PEU being small more as compared to a genteel hint at itsparentage. With the complete, the 508, and the individual who'll bepurchasing it, won't have much forbearance for self-love plates.They're also processed. And that isn't a word you frequent hear inthe similar sentence like Peugeot solid, durable, workaday,economical, conservative, yes. But refined, no. Till yet that isperfectly what the 508 is. It's a posh Peugeot. It's suit and proper.

The 508 heralds the excellent Frenchmarque's 1st despoil into the premium sector in decades.Peugeot, which celebrated its 200 th anniversary previous year, isclearly fed up with our more late percepts of it. In 2010 it gave ussexy with its sensational buttock-backed RCZ, now it's takingdiscreet luxury to the table.

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It's big and spacious, which affordsit an instant front on the road, till it looks elegant and balanced.The car's titling suits great into Peugeot's novel corporate feel,supervised by head planners Gilles Vidal the face lattice hasbeen created to seem like it if is floating, affording the completean belief of elation, though the word "Peugeot" seemsnearly hidden below the bonnet lip an allusion to the marque'spre-war artists.

Within, there is no sign of the brickieplastics and flimsy controls that dog too many down market motors.Here, it's everything soft-touch imitation leather and rubbery nubs.It looks top dollar. And it rides amazingly lissom and ensured.

I felt hard done by, like you always do- also while it was a fair cop, like they tell, but when I read someof the most recent research about driving abroad, particularly inFrance, I realized I'd acquired away well lightly.