Force Motors was founded in 1958 and isgenerally called as the company that created the commercial passengervehicles such as Tempo, Matador and Traveller in India. The Punedepended vehicle producer has linked on Daimler AG, ZF, Bosch and MANtrucks also.

On the assist of expertise and noveltechnology, the company producers variety of commercial vehicleshaving passenger vehicles Force Motors Traveller, LCV Force MotorsTrump, passenger vehicle Force Motors Trax Cruiser and Force MotorsBlawan tractor. It was 2 years ago that the company guessed toconstruct an SUV that it named like Force Motors Force One.

Force Motors Force One SUV has stirredcompetition in the SUV market in India which is governed by FordEndeavor and Chevrolet Captiva also others. Exterior of this mightyappearing machine hints as if it is the re-modeled edition of ChineseFord Explorer famously called like Guangdong Foday Explorer III.Force Motors has released its 1st SUV- Force One in the 4 x 2 editionand the Force One 4 x 2 will be released in December 2011 thoughForce One 4 x 4 is required to come in March 2012.

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The “Be the Force” SUV Force One isoutfitted with Daimler AG Germany sourced 2.2L FMTech 4 cylinderCRDI turbo engine producing 321Nm of torque and 140bhp of power. Thevehicle’s front is decorated on projector lamps. Localizationcontent with the novel SUV is about 75%. The suspension has beendelicately changed by a UK firm Lotus Engineering. Force Motorsconstructs the SUV at its Pithampur plant. Over 24,000 units will bemade annually. In order to hold track of quality delivery, ForceMotors has install an independent R&D, producing, marketing &sales for the novel SUV.

The novel SUV by Force Motors hasstate-of-the-art interior comfort and convenience which have high endboasts as driver information system, cruise control, audio controlmounted with steering, dual AC vents for every row. Along with thesethe SUV even has OSRVM slope indicators and plush leather seats. Theride and managing has been alright changed by Lotus Engineering on 16'' alloy wheels along with high ground clearance of 205mm.

The complete vehicle and the on boardelectronics is audited and validated by Mercedes-Benz Technologies.The Force Motors Force One SUV is a 6 or 7 seater SUV with 16 indebase wheels and power steering, power windows fixed. The brakingsystem in the Force One is front and back disk brakes. Thetransmission is 5-speed manual. It even has a basis headroom of 205mm which is good plenty for a 2510 kg SUV. The fuel tank capacity is75 liters.