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    Default Mercedes-Benz C-Class

    The updated C-Class is more as comparedto a facelift. Along with new front and rear styling both endsintegrating happening LED light it offers U.S. drivers three morepowerful and efficient engines, a new seven-speed transmission, and amore refined interior. The steel uni-body dropped few weight thanksto the new aluminum hood. Driving helps previously available just onmore expensive Benzes now have a place on the C's option list.

    Since the dawn of modernelectronic stability control (ESC), engineers have protectedexuberant drivers from themselves by eliminating tail-wagging oversteer. This frequent made cars feel artificially stifled. Recognizingthat few additional yaw creates a car feel sportier and responsive,the C-Class's ESC decreases under steer in rapid corners by brakingthe within rear tire, assisting the sedan rotate briskly. But not sobriskly.

    The aim of the C-Class has always beento take the luxury and driving solidity of more expensive M-B modelsto those who could not give a full-size S-Class or midsize E-Class.Mission accomplished. Although not floaty or detached feeling, theC-Class rides considerably over weak pavement and transmits littleroad noise to the cabin. Managing is direct and predictable. The carbarely rolls in corners and tracks true to the pilot's inputs.Enthusiasts seeming for a fully engaged BMW M3 sedan experience willbe disappointed, but the average buyer searching for a small luxurysedan will feel invincible.

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    The C-Class Sport models acquire theflat-bottomed, three-spoke, leather-covered steering wheel. M-Baficionados will realize the plan like an AMG cue. Covered inperforated leather, it experiences and appears good. Simple-to-applyspoke-mounted controls encourage drivers to hold their manages wherethey belong. Unlike other world markets, the U.S. will not initiallyhave a diesel-engine option. Nor do we acquire the automaticstart/stop characteristic that is standard in the EU. This leaves uslagging behind other markets in terms of fuel efficiency, a renewedhot button thanks to current concerns regarding oil supplies.

    To those who have never sat behind athree-pointed star, it is hard to communicate the intangibles thatarrived on the experience. Chalk it up to 125 years of engineering orclever marketing, but, as dressing up for dinner at home, there issomething special about a Mercedes-Benz that creates as well mundanedrives look better. We spent most of our driving time behind thewheel of a C350 sedan and loved the 3.5-liter V6's ample power andthe smoothness of the new seven-speed automatic. The planted feel ofthe body, the quietness of the interior and the abundance ofsave-your-distracted-butt technologies make good first impressionsfor buyers shopping for this class of vehicle.

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    Wow An Awesome Drive In Mercedes-Benz C-Class :) I Really Enjoyed It :) Thanks For Sharing it :)

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