We believed we would watched a numberof Subaru’s fashionable latest XV compress SUVs with the road andwe were right. A tab of the stats displayed the Subaru XV controlledmore as compared to 20 per cent of the compress SUV segment inFebruary on first month sales of 1005.
Compress SUVs are red-hot sellers andAustralians have selected on their wallets, recognizing the Subaru XVfor its good expressions, handy pricing and of course Subaru’sacknowledged quality.

We would motored the Subaru XV at thenational media release in Tasmania and Subaru rapidly followed-up onan entry-level Si manual for us to put through the usual Car Showroomweek-long test regime here in Melbourne.

The qualities of Subaru’s boxerengines are considerably-experienced – small package size, lowcentre of gravity, high output for their size etc. Merely this is2012 and for few time Subaru’s engine evolution team has beenconcentrated with reduced fuel consumption and cleaner emissions.

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Detail internal modifications arenumerous and have longer stroke, roller rockers and lighter pistonsand conrods.

With the road that understands into strongertorque at low to id-range engine speeds.
We have long had a high regard forSubaru’s interior stylers and the XV proceeds the trend. Modernlooks, nice style, practicality and quality materials acquire the jobcompleted.

Abruptly compress SUVs have gone everycool and hip.

Adding to that, Subaru has detected fewleap out new paint colors – we love the orange which contrastssuperbly on the black 17-inch alloy wheels.

In a nutshell,the Subaru XV is a ‘six-window’ hatchback door evidently from thesame family like the Impreza WRX.

The front-end acquires theoff-road treatment on a raised grille and meaty ‘hawk-eye’headlights. Ditto for the slope view on plastic wheel arch stoneprotectors.

And we ceratain as the rear end with itsfashionable lights, smart hatchback design and integrated roofspoiler