Initially, my skepticism lookedconsiderably located, as a short drive with few scenting countryroads surrounding Virginia International Raceway the evening earlierwe were scheduled to turn our hot laps hinted the ZL1 was a big angrygorilla that was going to attempt to kill me if I asked it to modifydirection. In hindsight, the Chevy Sonic we drove from the airportto VIR could have induced like wheel spin in these conditions, but atthe time I was occupy ticking off items with my list of preconceivedthoughts about the ZL1.

Later an impressive presentation by theCamaro plan and engineering team highlighting the extensiveimprovements and refinements they have made to the ZL1, I felt astirring in my pants. May be it was few half-forgotten section of myself-propelled soul reminding me how much fun I had thrashing mydadís í98 Camaro Z28 at the racetrack. Whatever it was, contemptmy early doubts, I was now starting to embrace the thought thatperhaps the ZL1 has actually been reinvented thoroughly enough tomake those SS under steer nightmares go away.

The first few drafts were a little hardto swallow, but after that it was impossible to wipe the grin off myface because the ZL1 is indisputably built for track-day enthusiastsand road racers like me.

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As you move up to PTM3, 4 and 5 youbring down the count of intervention by the traction and stabilitycontrol systems to the point that you can really start to hang thetail end out and steer the car with the throttle. You can as wellfully shut off the PTM system, merely on a car this powerful and thisheavy, merely impulsive gods requirement apply.

Contempt its well heft, the ZL1 managesto feel amazingly agile. Restated abuse of the slow pedal could notinduce even a hint of brake fade, and unlike the SS where aerodynamicfront lift kills turn-in response, the ZL1ís vastly improved aeropackage means that the front tires now have the bite required toattack corner entry with confidence.

The Camaro plan team has as wellclassed things up a bit within, breaking up the sea of plastic acrossthe dash on a suede section that ties in nicely on the quite handsomeleather and suede microfiber wrapped ZL1-embroiled seats. While Icaught few of the other journalists pointing out that the ZL1ísseats have so much cushioning, my middle-age posterior detected themto be comfy and reasonably supportive. The ZL1ís steering wheel isas well a huge improvement above the one detected in the SS,including clearly been planned on track driving in mind.