Honda’s new Civic sedan could nothave arrived at a better time. Now, the Civic is keenly priced andwell outfitted, and more than ready to take the fight to itscompetitors.Honda’s sales target for the Civic sedan is modestmerely 1000 cars per month by the end of this year. Enhanced, andbetter priced, we would not be wondered if the Japanese manufacturermanaged to sell more.

The 2012 Civic’s interior should beextremely companion to anybody who is driven the preceding model,with nearly every major component - the radio, heating/ventilationcontrols, air vents, etc. - everything occupying the same space withthe dashboard.

The LCD display is part of the Civic’si-MID system, and displays trip data and audio information. iPodintegration is standard on all Civics, and external music devices canbe controlled through the car’s steering wheel audio controls.

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The seats are comfy, but tallerresidents may fight for headroom in the sunroof-outfitted CivicSport. The VTi-L and Civic Hybrid feature a hard-wearing velour asfabric upholstery, and the Civic Sport is trimmed in soft leatherthat is rather pleasant to the touch.

Beginning it in the Civic Hybrid, wewere impressed by the quietude and frugality. We achieved an averagefuel consumption of 4.5 l/100km without the use of the more efficient‘Econ’ mode.

That is a telling outcome, viewing thefunctionary claim is for 4.4 l/100km. With just 82kW and 172Nm fromits 1.5 litre petrol/electric powertrain, it is surely not thequickest car around. Still, thanks to a CVT transmission and fattorsion band, it is rather effortless to drive.

It experiences its strongest above4500rpm, but as well then it is not quick enough to be trulydeserving of a ‘Sport’ badge. Befitting a Honda engine though, itis happy to rev right up to 7000rpm. The five-speed automatictransmission could use another ratio, but when operated in manualmode the gearbox will keep gears right against the redline.