Last week, I instead flippantly stated that I had driven Ford's latest Focus Electric, but that I could not speak about it. I familiar you have been on the edge of your seat since then, so I would not bury the lead any further and only acquire right into what you are here for: the drive.

On the road, the concentrate Electric rides closely identically to the gasoline provided Focus. That is, till you listen and recognize that there is no exhaust note and no engine sound, only the soft woosh of the road beneath the wheels and the small, high pitched hum of the electric motor. Dissimilar a hybrid, there is no gasoline engine that fires up when you acquire so heavy on the accelerator, so there is no audible feedback to deter you from your lead-footed antics, there is just silent and powerful electric
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torque egging you on and prodding you forward. And only because there are no tailpipe emissions does not mean that there are no effects to driving inefficiently. Instead than hurting the environment or your wallet at the pump, driving the Focus Electric similar a tool hurts your range: a resource that is in rather limited supply on a vehicle that just starts with an EPA estimated 76 miles each charge.

Fortunately, Ford contributes drivers a number of tools incorporated into the MyFord Touch instrument cluster's double color LCD display to assist to maximize range and driving efficiency. For starters, there is the regenerative braking system. Whenever you bring the vehicle to a complete stop, the left-hand screen demonstrates a small pie chart the illustrates the percentage of energy recaptured through the regenerative braking system on a zero to 100% scale. May be, I have acquire a particularly eco-friendly right foot because I observe that the estimated range was truly somewhat higher after my drive than it was early I received in.