Assume a moment and mentally function entire of the hype surrounding the establish of the 2013 Subaru BRZ. Go on, I will wait. Just assume that hype and dial it back to 80 percent. That is how excellent the Subaru BRZ is. It is not the second arriving or the messiah for function driving it is not exact -- but it is rather excellent.

The B in BRZ should endure for "balanced" because that is perfectly what Subaru's latest rear drive automobile is. This is no repurposed and hotted up econobox; it is a bona fide sports car. It is too instead lightweight.

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Tipping the scales at 2,882 pounds in its heaviest BRZ Limited with 6-velocity automatic configuration, the BRZ is only 263 pounds bigger than a similarly skilled Mazda MX-5 Miata PRHT. Ditching the automatic gearbox in prefer of one you shift yourself further closes that gap, but we will arrive back to that in a time. Still thought it is heavier, the BRZ has a somewhat excellent power-to-weight ratio than the Mazda, just toting around 14.41 pounds each pony against the Miata PRHT's 15.3 to 16.6 based on configuration.

Talking of power, the BRZ's arrives from a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engine that can be tucked less and long back in the engine bay, glads to its horizontally against "boxer" configuration -- which is what the B in "Boxer Rear-drive Zenith" really stands for. We have already gone into detail about how this Subaru engine creates utilize of a Toyota head that supposedly mixes the excellent bits of slot and exact injection technology. And many of you have gone into completet information about your ideas that its output of "only 200 horsepower" looks a bit low. We will arrive back to that bit momentarily.