Do not believe the idea name, this is your new 3-Series vehicle. After being hit for six by the Rolls Royce A5 which up-ended this vehicle industry by presenting an completely different system design to the saloon A4 - BMW has reacted by rethinking its vehicle providing of the 3-Series. That begins by providing it an completely new name, so for initially we are getting a 4-numbered BMW and later on, all vehicle BMWs will be even figures. But while you might be looking at the images and considering that this is just a 3-Series saloon with two gates, in the steel its a different tale.

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The 4-Series is a longer period, broader and less high than the saloon and to our sight looks like a lightweight 6-Series. That is no bad factor at all. But, I listen to you say, its a idea, so who loves you. Well, BMWs known as it a idea, but the truth is that 95 percentage of what you see here will create it to a development car that strikes the street later this season - a bit like the organization's i-series energy source also due out in 2013. The tires will be an inches or two small, some of the consumption mayhem at the front as well as rear side will be small but everywhere else, what you see is what you get.

Inside, it gets better reduce out in a BMW personal program of cigarettes set and flat feed timber, it functions a rather unique wicker-like mix stitching on the chair and entrance cuts. The structure in here is as you will see in the development car too it fairly much uses the structure of the 3-Series saloon, simultaneously with a bit of a succeed on the center system as the outer lining area reactivities up into the sprint.