THE NEW LOUNG AUDI Q5 CAR, is all set to hit the Indian market by March 2009. It promises to do all the 07 can but is a smaller, sportier package. The interiors are reminiscent of the A4, and the 05 doesn't feel much bigger on the road either. But, clever packaging helps it of¬fer maximum passenger space. The 05 comes with the same 3.0-litre V6 diesel as in the 07; performance is good as
it weighs around 450kg less. Dynami¬cally it may not be as good as the X3 but good enough by SUV standards. It has decent off-roadability thanks to the Ouattro system and comes with features like hill descent control as standard. There will be good amount of kit on offer and at a price that will be substantially lower than arch rival X3.

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