2009 Mercury Mariner Hybrid, giving it a big step forward compared to the 2008 Mariner Hybrid. Part of this update is related Sync and the emergence of Sirius Travel Link, the two technologies, Ford is using to differentiate themselves. But in 2009, the Mariner Hybrid gets more than a new cabin technology, the engine gets a little more, resulting in more horsepower, all without losing fuel economy. Mercury Mariner Hybrid, along with its Ford Escape Hybrid stablemate, is only a small full-hybrid SUVs currently available. They have a friend sitting for five and a large cargo area are built on unibody construction. As hybrids, they can be initiated by each of electricity over short distances and at low speeds. More importantly, the engine turns off when you're at the end of the world, or stuck in traffic, that is you do not waste gas. Because of this behavior, full hybrids are often better mileage in the city than on the highway. Our front-wheel-drive Mariner Hybrid is estimated at EPA at 34 MPG city and 31 MPG highway, but noted our mileage was only 27 MPG.

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Mariner Hybrid optional navigation system is excellent, with rich maps, which can be viewed top-down or in 3D. Because it's hard drive-based maps to brush up quickly, making it easy to move around the map and select destinations using a seat. There is also a fairly complete legal points of interest database, along with other destination entry, such as addresses and freeway entrance. To meet the entry, navigation system, on-screen keyboard that can be switched between alphabetical order and the standard QWERTY format.Voice team is working very well with this system, allowing you to say the names of cities and streets, showing your team with a good degree of accuracy. Even better, LCD displays, that voice commands are available at any given time, there's no need to try to figure out how to get in navigation mode. In accordance with an indication of the route, the system shows the great graphics indicate upcoming turns and says the names of streets.