Hewlett-Packard will launch in a few weeks in France two new laptops belonging to his series Pavilion DM4. The new HP Pavilion DM4-1100 Intel Calpella platform are running ahead.Comes with Microsoft Office 2010 includes Starter limited versions of Word and Excel. It is possible to enjoy all the features of the Office suite by purchasing an activation card (or a boxed version) from Microsoft or from the reseller partners.

This model is expected in early November at an MSRP of 799 euros. Compared to the HP Pavilion DM4-1060sf launched last August, it is distinguished by a more powerful processor (Core in i5-450M Instead of i5-430M), an amount of more memory (4 GB instead of 3 GB) and storage space more comfortable (500 GB instead of 320 GB).

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On the design side, however, no changes to report regarding the appearance of the new Pavilion DM4-1100 remains similar to the Pavilion DM4-1000 with silver finish with brushed aluminum current pattern.

It differs from model to 799 euros by a hard disk of 640 GB 5400 RPM providing more storage space but being less swift, and a dedicated graphics card Mobility Radeon HD5470 512MB DDR3 dedicated 2.2 GB TurboCache.

This GPU is switched and the user can then toggle between it and the Intel GMA integrated HD processor according to the tasks they performed, the best being the most preferred running on Intel GMA HD as soon as the power Mobility Radeon HD5470 is not required to gain autonomy, the integrated graphics are less energy intensive.

When compared with the Pavilion DM4-1070sf launched to 799 euros in August, we see that design has not changed but the processor is a bit more powerful (i5-450M instead of Core i5-430M) and the hard drive is different (640 GB 5400 rpm instead of 500 GB at 7200 rpm). In addition, the dedicated graphics card is also somewhat more efficient (Mobility Radeon HD5470 instead Mobility Radeon HD5450).

So ultimately, change the program of the new Pavilion DM4-1100 but nothing radical in specifications that do evolves nicely.