Hewlett-Packard makes its debut on the netbook market with the launch of the HP Mini-Note PC 2133. This HP netbook will be the direct competitor of 'Asus eeePC and of' Acer Aspire One. Netbooks have been a big success around the world. The HP Mini-Note PC 2133 is characterized not only by its compact design and small size, performance levels even slightly above its OMPETITION.

The HP Mini-Note PC 2133 is equipped with a VIA C7-M low-voltage, with a maximum frequency of 1.2 GHz, 800 MHz FSB and 128 KB L2 cache, 2048 MB RAM memory and hard disk SATA 0160 120 GB 5400 rpm. Integrated Graphics Type Via Chrome9.

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The HP Mini-Note PC 2133 handheld includes the extremely compact design seriously but at the same time elegant and nice. Its dimensions are 270 mm wide, 165 mm deep and 33 mm in height, weighs about 1.2 kg.

HP 2133 Mini-Note PC helps you stay connected anywhere, thanks to integrated wireless connectivity, WLAN and Bluetooth technology that allows connection to other devices with the same technology.

This netbook has no optical drive, so you can not store material on a CD or DVD, however, has slots for SODIMM. The model best equipped in the series also features built-in webcam, which allows for video conferencing without the need for extra wires.