Announced in early January, the series 15.6 inch notebook from Hewlett-Packard sporting a design developed in partnership with Rossignol landed in France with a first model, the Pavilion dv6-3299ef. It runs on Intel Calpella platform with a dedicated graphics card AMD new generation, a large storage space of 1000 GB and a processor Arrandale i5. It appears less than 800 euros and it is now possible to be reimbursed for 100 euros for the purchase of this model.

The design of this notebook is original, designed in collaboration with the equipment manufacturer Rossignol well known to skiers. Found on the hull but also inside a wood finish with reasons, what well apart from the competition without falling into the flashy. Normally, a matching cover should be delivered with this notebook.

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In addition to its original design, it has many strengths to his credit starting with its hard disk with a capacity of 1 TB (1000 GB), enough to store a large number of files and a variety.

The Radeon HD6550M is capable of running many games correctly as long as it adapts the level of details, see the resolution of the screen, under the titles of the most resource intensive 3D.