Hewlett-Packard launches in France's new ultraportable HP EliteBook 4320 (XN865EA) under Intel Calpella platform targeting professionals and displayed with a Core i3-380M, a swift hard drive, a dedicated graphics card ATI and a matte panel.

It features an original appearance thanks to its brushed metal finish caviar present at the hull and wrist. The rest is black, allowing all to provide an impression of sobriety and elegance.

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It is also possible to quickly access its Schedule, e-mails, contacts and websites, without having to wait for full boot of Windows 7 with 3 and QuickWeb QuickLook. It works well on Windows 7 Professional, an OS that has the distinction of integrating more tools than Home Premium, including security and network management. In addition, it offers the XP mode allows to install and use software / drivers are only compatible with Windows XP.

Good point also with regard to the display board which has an anti-reflective coating / matt better suited to outdoor use and more generally in light environments that subject too glossy reflections under these conditions. Resolution of 1366 768 is also very correct, similar to many models of 15 and 16 inches. Its 16:9 format lends itself to a rather more general public use (playing videos) than professional use.