Hewlett-Packard released in a new laptop hex format 15.6-inch oriented professional with a slab antiglare treatment, the HP EliteBook 4520 (XX764EA). Under Intel Calpella platform, it integrates a processor core Arrandale i3, a swift hard drive, an ATI dedicated graphics card and an ExpressCard slot, all in a professional system. And now, HP shall refund 50 euros for the purchase of this model. It works because in a Professional edition of Windows 7, which differs from the Home Premium version by providing management tools and network security as well as more advanced mode that allows XP to install and use software / drivers only compatible with Windows XP.

However, no fingerprint reader in the program but made significant connections including HDMI standard, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VGA, audio and USB ports 4 in number. One of them is e-SATA combo and found besides an ExpressCard slot, enough for example to take advantage of USB 3.0 via a dedicated card.

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For its part, the dedicated graphics card Mobility Radeon HD5470 is not a lightning war, but proves able to play HD videos without worry but also to run games resource-efficient 3D as long as we proceed adjustments under the most demanding titles.

The screen is on the strengths of this notebook. If it shows a standard resolution of 1366 768 and a 16:9 format which lends itself more to a consumer and professional use, it has a significant anti-reflective when working in bright environments. Under these conditions, it indeed shows much less prone to glare than glossy.