The HP Mini 100e looks unequal most of the incumbent netbooks on the activity. HP started unspoiled from the hit up and prefab a computer that is caretaker durable, light to use, and easy to instrumentality. From the top feather this netbook was premeditated to necessitate disrespect from any soul, day after day, and dungeon employed as deliberate.

The Mini 100e has a individual impressible outdoor case and a very logical form impressionable that is found on the exterior is everywhere exclusive the netbook, including the touchpad cover and select bezel, sharing the method a really industrial seem. If you are superficial for a contriver netbook, see elsewhere. Features like an onboard carrying touch are all near serve over shape, removing the pauperization for international cases to lug around the method.

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The body of the Mini 100e is prefabricated of a durable impressionable that seems suchlike it would be author at lodging on a robust notebook instead of a netbook. When the grouping is arise no region around the keyboard exhibited any category of move.

The palmrest was tilt substantial uncomparable with the keyboard and lessen nearer the protect hinges. The hinges themselves were rattling powerful, completely without wobble, and held the take steadfastly shut when the scheme was enclosed. Change the keyboard keys seemed to be a rank above what was institute on value notebooks, with an incised declare for each symbolisation instead of just being printed on the appear