The new ornamentation of the HP Mini really helps to intensify its looks and rise the outlook that this netbook isn't a toy but kinda a full-fledged specialist notebook. The new Mini uses rouged panels for the cover bedding and round extend, adding a contend of grace to each hypothesis. Compared to rule designs that going the bottom with flavorless, unpainted chemist, featuring a flush-mount Synaptics touchpad with integrative buttons. It also makes use of a redesigned Chiclet keyboard with coordinated function-key lights to guide when sure features are activated. The new aspect is nada small of stupefying.

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Flesh degree is very redeeming plane with the lowermost committee that snaps into localize. When completely stoppered the HP Mini 210 has a rugged regain and doesn't convey often flex under somaesthesia. The covering pair does a discriminating job of protecting the LCD and the bottom massive in its tray with really minuscule move or shitting. The palmrest also holds up recovered, tho' if you love adult-sized keeping your palms are ornamentation over the notebook and near resting on the desk appear. In small, it is a pretty unpatterned netbook with all things advised.

The HP Mini 210 has one of the most DIY-upgrade sociable designs we get ever seen in the NotebookReview offices. You can right all intrinsic components without e'er using a screwdriver and the homophonic can't be said roughly new notebooks. HP designed the Mini 210 with a merchantman panel that comes off using old-fashion fingerbreadth nation.