Intended for common use, the HP Pavilion is a 1043sf g7-portable 17.3-inch platform that runs on AMD Danube with a Dual Core processor, a good amount of RAM and disk space and a HDMI output, the all 64-bit Windows 7.

With a rather homogeneous configuration, it delivers good performance in current use (eg office, surfing the Internet) and not too pushed multitasking thanks to its 4 GB of RAM and Dual Core Athlon II P360 while his party Radeon HD4250 integrated graphics can play HD videos and view photos. However next games, this is not a panacea and it will settle for old titles not resource intensive 3D.

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The more consession will be important in the detail and resolution of the screen and it will be possible to play a little more demanding titles. However, no mistake, it is clearly not for the players. It's not a surprise, however, this price level and we appreciate also that despite his concessions he has a good storage space and 640 GB of connectivity including HDMI video output including a plus Wi-Fi, VGA, USB and audio ports in number 3.

The screen offers classic features with brilliant handling, 16:9 format particularly well suited for video playback and resolution of 1600 x 900.