The Folio 13 is no beholder compared with added ultrabooks, and is a bit thicker and added than attenuate laptops such as the MacBook Air. The clickpad aloof a bit too choosy for our tastes, too.

When it comes to Windows ultrabooks, the HP Folio 13 is the best of the agglomeration in agreement of performance, price, and ergonomics, provided you can alive with a less-than-razor-thin design. This laptop is targeted at baby businesses but it's absolutely for anyone who wants a reliable ultrabook that isn't a MacBook Air.

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As ultrabooks become a above allotment of the laptop mural this year, the key to award a acceptable one won't be specs--since so abounding accept identical innards--so abundant as look, feel, and blast for the buck. The HP Folio 13 is a baby business-targeted ultrabook that should be appropriately at home in the easily of a boilerplate consumer. Aside from TPM support, the "business" adverse is corrective and arbitrary: the HP Folio 13's hardware--a Core i5 low-voltage CPU, 128GB SSD storage, 4GB of RAM--befits any laptop in the 13-inch ultrabook cosmos about 2012.

The Folio 13 is a thicker laptop, and a added one, too, than the MacBook Air and any of aftermost year's ultrabooks, but not by much. It's a little over 3 pounds, and still thinner than any accepted laptop. And accede the array life: in our tests, the HP Folio 13 had the longest array activity amid Windows ultrabooks appropriately far. I'd accord up a bit of thinness to accretion added array activity any day, and at 0.7 inch thick, the Folio 13 is still affluence graceful abundant for bunched travel.

Are there more exciting ultrabooks, and even laptops, than the HP Folio 13? Surely, I had be hard-pressed, however, to search one as practical, low-cost, and solidly conducting as the Folio 13. And, if I were currently taking an ultrabook out of a lineup to go to war with, the HP Folio 13 is the one I had assume in my backpack.