Not only does this svelte piece look good, it also hides some clever tech within. Lift it and it surprises you with its size and feather weight. Though it feels slightly larger, it's as portable and comfortable as the Asus Eee PC. It looks chic, courtesy HP's patented , but gathers fingerprints as a hobby. Thankfully, there is one available in white tool (HP Mini-Note 2133's brushed metal finish still lingers in
our mind). This notebook is built to last; it doesn't squeak or flex. Its generous 12.linch screen offers 1280x800 resolution, giving you more real estate on the desktop. The screen is bright and has decent viewing angles, but the surface is extremely glossy. The sizeable keyboard has a positive tactile feel to it, so no getting your fingers in a twist to get your reports done.

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The biggest surprise, however, comes in form of the performance this notebook is able to churn out. AMD's Athlon Neo processor is zesty and runs daily apps easily; hell, even on Windows Vista. The Neo certainly offers significantly better performance, but that comes at the expense of battery life - 2 hours max. That apart, the notebook gets a tad hot after a while, especially on the sides. HP's DV2 is certainly in a class ofits own and a good start if you'd like to hang your performance-stripped netbook for a chic yet affordable ultra-portable.