With one of the brighter screens on the market, the 1035NR also gains accolades for a well done keyboard. Its 10.2” WSVGA displays a resolution of 1024ื600, and the Intel Atom 1.60GHz processor along with 1GB of DDR2 memory provides plenty of power for keeping up with your office productivity. As with several of it’s brethren, it relies on a hard drive instead of solid state. At 60GB and only 4200rmp, it is also has less storage and accesses information slower than a majority of the competition. Boot up time tends to be a little slower than many of the other netbooks out there because of this.It does come with integrated Bluetooth and WiFi allowing you to stay connected that much easier. The lack of a 6 cell battery might be a drawback for some, and requiring an adapter for VGA display certainly places a bit of a damper on what could be a rock solid offering from HP. With a recommended price tag of around $450, it may just be the most pricy netbook around with the least amount of features.

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