In the current issue of the American video game magazine Game Informer have new information to Silent Hill 8 published. The latest in the survival horror series gets the subtitle Downpour and is therefore under the name Silent Hill: Downpour Laden are in. Downpour means something like "rain" or "downpour", which should match the gameplay of the new game.

The water element is intended to take over an important part in the gameplay. The developers are on this issue is not particularly go into detail, but reveal that there will be water bizarre effects such as rivers, which flow the wrong way on the ceiling. To what extent this will be relevant to the gameplay is not yet known.

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In Silent Hill: Downpour researched it the southeastern part of Silent Hill, the series on the map to see was in earlier parts, but could not be visited. The area should be such that a subway system can be used to be covered by long distances. Not only will you run through urban areas, Downpour is to play mostly in the outskirts of Silent Hill. Places such as schools or hospitals, which were placed prominently in the recent Silent Hill-parts examined her in vain.

There will be no weapons inventory and weapons will be weaker in the use and break. The only weapon that has been confirmed, is an ax. The general effect of the fights are much more difficult, so the player gets the opportunity escape. At least when it comes to the "normal" enemies in boss fights he can not simply slip away. The battles against the bosses will largely be implemented using Quick Time Events.