In a difficult storyline to be recognized, we are hunted as a pilot of the helicopter carrying title by three fictional trouble spots and a total of 16 missions. The mission design turns out this very simple: take off, the objectives drive, all the enemies disappear off and land safely. For a little variety to the superior number of tasks that remain always the same knitted protective orders allied ground troops. Here, the Apache unceremoniously parked in the air and we marvel at what is happening now with a view to control the on-board infrared guns and cannons. The problem is that this move just commemorated as a loosening missions very quickly in the length.

Significantly more important than the mission design would seem to be most interested in the actual control of the flight vehicle. Since "Apache Air Assault" appeal to both action fans and followers would equally simulation, first of all there are three levels of difficulty that claim significantly the realism of the control. "Training" enables an easy introduction for casual flyers. "Realism", however his name is entirely suitable.

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At least noticeable centrifugal and rotational forces acting on the Apache, so that a sudden turn can mean fast at full speed to crash the machine concentration and control are essential. For those that to "veteran" does need to grapple with on top of that ammunition shortages and consult regularly weapons depots. A single crash, and you must also restart the mission an automatic regeneration of the damage does not exist.