For the development studio Crytek, it is a disaster: More than a month before the official release date is a nearly finished version of the PC first-person shooter Crysis 2 on various warez pages surfaced. "Almost ready" means in this case , according to media reports : The game can be played complete, only lacking the finishing touches here and there. In addition, the leaked version of the full multiplayer mode Crysis 2,contains the work is so online.

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And when would not that be enough, includes emerged Crysis 2 version, all DRM master files that control the on-line authentication, and the editor's CryEngine 3rd This leak will make the publisher Electronic Arts probably harsh for profit dips and the developer of the German studio Crytek see their work in recent years in the unfinished state of nearly six weeks before the publication of the net. Both companies have not decided on the facts. Whether the planned release date of Crysis 2 will change yet again, is yet not known . Normally, the first-person shooter is on 24 March 2011 will appear.