Microsoft invited the world press to San Francisco that at the Xbox Spring Showcase to present new titles in the frame and playable versions of bangers like Gears of War 3 to show. For the epic title blocked it even a complete evening, which allowed in the presence of "Dude Huge" Cliff Bleszinsky the world press on two new multiplayer maps in team death match to vent holes between the chief designer at Epic Games in an interview with questions.

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Map "Old Town" sends us in the middle of the residues in the fight, Which is probably a tranquil small town once was. A square is a stage for lead and thunderstorms Lancer action. Funny: The chickens that roam freely over the map, we can advance with a well-aimed shot burst. Harhar that, Fable! Takein the foreseeable card, we try the sawed-off shotgun, one of the new weapons in Gears of War 3rd This thing is definitely not a distance weapon: From a distance it adds little to the opponents to no damage. Only when we stand in front of an opponent, we can blow him off - but then a single's enough shot! that sawed off shotgun with the rather lengthy and we are an easy target. Reloaded Definitely a weapon for experienced players.

We expect an IP block of the download, because Microsoft now time Germany will have nothing to do with the infamous game that counts in other parts of the world to the big hits. Well too bad, actually. If you are fast it creates, perhaps, to absorb the beta, before the inevitable IP block comes into force. Otherwise, only creates a VPN connection issue, the Xbox Live pretends that the console is available anywhere else except in Germany.