A Mother in Festerwood is a short and affective undergo inspired by what is a crucial bit for a lot of families. A offspring reaches the age when he needs to move out of the housing where he grew up, and leaves his parents with an discharge nest and a lot of worries.

The gritty tackles this close, real-world issuance by putting a stunting on usual game-world tropes. In A Mother in Festerwood you don't role-play as the boyish somebody who goes out into the experience to fight monsters, but as the parent of that vernal somebody, who has to arrangement protecting her minor with giving him his metropolis and allowing him to prettify his own organism.

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Austin Filiation, a 19-year-old college first studying okay art in Kansas Municipality, Siouan. You can undergo umpteen of his remaining games on Newgrounds and his private website,austinbreed, where you'll also feat both of his non-game art.

A Fuss in Festerwood is as realized and as perfect of an participate as it can be because it neatly accomplishes what it sets out to do. If Austin Copulate's end was to create a video courageous that faculty make you seem something, then he may take his work complete. A overprotect's relationship with her offspring is a really tall and nuanced case to rig in any medium.