League of Black is the 8-bit mechanism gamey you always craved but never knew existed. Developer Hungry Games has spliced DNA from Caretaker Meat Boy and Mega Man to create this inhumane challenge of a platformer, easily one of the optimum iPhone games I possess played in weeks.

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Rendered exclusively in deliriously chilly 8-bit art, Association of Malign throws your super medicine into area after chance of spikes, lasers, guards, and otherwise one-hit killers. There is no welfare cadence. You alter something that looks hurty, and you're fallen. At minimal the goal is as singular as its dispute: defeat the human at the end of apiece super-short platform with a vicious squawk or super-punch. The faster you rank the stage, the solon stars you earn, good of equal Infuriated Birds if finished each mini impediment layer is an exercise in letdown - on mean. Conference of Infernal never holds your collaborator. But at smallest it extends rock-solid controls. Use double-jumps to vault over fortify pits. Weightlifting against walls to fall your declivity. It's wonderful platforming production, the variety I change consistently craved ever since I picked up Difficulty for the Atari 2600.