In LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean slips into her role of Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Barbossa, and in general all the important people in the movie templates, a few enemies here skin, there is building together a few stones and solve many puzzles. In keeping with the theatrical release of "stranger tides" developer's Tales addition to the classic trilogy also like the new pirate adventure packed into play Traveller. Each film consists of five sections, so you really get a total of 20 levels in the skin blocks. You explore dark dens, forgotten islands makes uncertain or beats you on the plastic planks of a pirate ship.

Many scenes are in contrast to past LEGO games a little smaller. This is because that ship is now little room times, especially when they are made ​​of building blocks.Anyone familiar with the LEGO pirate ship has played as a child will know what we mean. In contrast, you give the islands more playing surface, but are there any scope monster.

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Does not matter though, because thanks to the significantly increased density of puzzles, you drop the small areas not to fast. In the puzzles, it is mostly a matter of pressing switches to assemble building blocks and found objects. The latter helps you Jack's compass, which is known to show what the heart desires. The puzzles are mostly logical and understandable even for younger players. In rare cases, but it annoys you about inconsistencies.