Shank 2 is a much more nastier ascompared to I was wanting. That is the good form of nasty ... theform that produces you think, "I am thus freaking glad I didthat move." Anyone who has an uneven attraction to exaggeratedcartoon violence should may be hold an eye with this game, becauseits overstressed gore had me giggling childishly rather a some times.

For those who are not familiar with theoriginal game, Shank 2 stars the blade-wielding brute named ... well,Shank, who takes and stabs his way via a series of well-exemplifiedsurroundings. On a variety of slick moves, mortal weapons, and themuch-welcomed Survival Mode, Shank 2 feels as it could be welldeserving the download. Though the world of digital downloads may bepretty herded on hack 'n' slash games of the 2D variety, it is nottough to place the gift and effort that has been keep into games asShank 2.

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The 1st thing I have topoint out is that this game feels great. The color strategy addsitself amazingly to what feels as its Southeast Asia-inspiredadjustment. Foes bug out from the background fairly, and alsoelemental consequences as fire and smoke are graphically delighting.

One thing that actually leap out to mewas the animation. In this age of 3D realism and motion capture, theindividual standards of 2D animation have been lost with the times;also sprite animation, though however applied to this day, is watchedlike slightly new. Shank 2 characteristics innumerable examples ofwell-done animation fundamentals with exaggerated poses, squashingand stretching, and great secondary and tertiary actions inside runcycles and attack animations.

I have an animation degree.Nevertheless, I am awful at 2D animation. Thus I can betterappreciate the skill consisted to produce a game that feels as Shank2. However, any gamer that can pace outdoor the perspective of his orher own limitations should be able to look up to how fluid thisgame's art is.As stated earlier: Shank 2 ishumorously violent. The carnage is not demonstrated in atongue-in-cheek sort of way, but quite with such unapologeticbrutality that it dryly gains a bit of class in the process. It isonly mortifying to shove a baseball bat into someone's mouth and thenstomp on it ... as seeing the birth of a baby giraffe.