Telltale Games has been busy branchingout into famous licenses recently. Their most recent is Law &Order Legacies, which keeps players into the shoes of the famousshows’ cops and lawyers. Like usual for Telltale games, Legacies isan episodic release.

The episode opens with the murder of aamah at a five-star hotel in New York City. Cops Benson and Curtisinvestigate this murder-most-foul via a series of interviews onwitnesses and suspects. There is a brief foray into hidden objectdetecting like considerable, but the bulk of this segment of the gameis only Q&A scenarios broken up by non-interactive sequences ofdialogue.

Interviews are simple to perform. Onlypick a topic from the list, and pay care to the answer. Sureresponses plus novel conversation topics, and there is always a redherring topic thrown in for fun. Where the actual game play aspectarrives in is when you are asked to find if the defendant is tellingthe truth. If you answer right, the game will then ask why. Choosethe correct answer and you will earn a star.

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Answering so many questions wrong justresumes the interview segment, and these conversations are basicallycompletely linear. Earning full stars for an interview just earnsmore points, but does not actually affect the outcome. Worse, apartfrom a extreme brief hidden-object puzzle where you check the crimeview, there is no other type of minigame.

The court room drama is a bit moresuperimposed, while however it is mired down in the “choose yourown adventure” style. Here, players bring the role of theprosecution to prove the suspect guilty. This involves examinationand cross-examination of witnesses, which is managed in the samefashion like interviewing. The differences crop up with objections.

As the defense lawyer questions aperson, you can object at sure points. To object, still, you have tochoose the type of objection, and then select the correct reason forthe objection. It is an interesting element that adds a welcome bitof law trivia.

Dissimilar the cop segment, theultimate goal of the courtroom sequence is to sway the jury byearning more points than the defense. There is a score bar thatallows you simply put track of how the jury is leaning. Correctlyobjecting and asking the right questions earns points, while theopposite can really cause you to lose the case.

At a sure point, the defense will tryto plea bargain. Your jury score finds how much leeway you have fornegotiations or if you can refuse their plea outright and bring thecase everything the way. Thus, though the courtroom segment howeverlooks mostly linear, there is at least the alternative for multipleresults.

Law & Order Legacies will certainlyappeal to fans of the series. Contempt the lack of the show’sactors to supply the voices, the dialogue is considerably written andperformed. The nearly comic-book style graphics are easy, but worknicely, and the game is simple to play. There are seven episodesbecause of released in the next few months, and the stories focus onreal-world-inspired cases on concerning twists only as the show.