May be one of the most difficult thingsto try, and do considerable, in any genre is the parody. There is aalright line among good parody and your buddy who thinks he is goingto be the next Weird Al. Then think about this. For everyYoungFrankenstein or Austin Powers, there has also been a Dracula: Deadand Loving It and Silence of the Hams. And now there is SockoEntertainment’s The Adventures of Fatman.

I expected to likethis game I actually did. Reviews on Socko’s site and in onlinesearches of reviews for the game normally turned up positive, and Iwas dying to acquire my hands on a copy of it since I first heardabout it. But I have to admit that I was concerned from the beginabout somebody pulling off a successful Batman parody.

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You areFatman, protector of the city of Shadow lawn, when you are notstuffing your face with cheese puffs. A case of industrial espionagegoes awry, and the city is soon left facing the criminal mastermindToxicman. It is up to you like Fatman to keep a stop to him earlierhe mutates the entire city followed by the world!

Thestoryline is not bad but the “throw everything at the wall andwatch what sticks” tries at humor fall flat most of the time. I canbe like low-brow as the next guy, but do we actually require to watchanother Hindu store clerk Leisure Suit Larry did it and did it well,but it has been overdone by now.

Backgrounds are considerabledone, but character graphics and animations are very hit or miss.Fatman is extreme substantially done, and reminiscent of the oldLucasArts characters, but the rest of the actor graphics are morealong the lines of the Reality-with-the-Normseries. One of the thingsthat I perfectly loved was the complete MIDI soundtrack by MarkLovegrove. The music was extreme redolent of the old Sierra stylesoundtracks, and enforced the Batman theme into them in extremeunusual and interesting ways.

Game play is of the typical Sierrapoint & click variety, mainly because of the AGS engine appliedfor the game. Keeping your mouse above an item will afford you thename of the item, and this will arrive in handy, like there is fewpixel-hunting present in the game. There is a scoring system in placeto display your status during the game, which is a nice touch, but abug in the game lets you to rack up the full points without usualcompleting the game.

Puzzles are a decent mixture offetching, inventory combination, and also one timed action scenealmost the end, which can be slowed down if need be. They were, forthe most part, well-incorporated, while few of the puzzles needed fewleaps of imagination to figure out the solutions, and like statedearlier, pixel hunting does mar few of the solutions during the game.