Silent Hill 2 is my favorite video gameof every time, and it is perhaps because of this that I have had aslightly tempestuous relationship on the series always since. Mydesperation to watch Konami's classic repulsion series arrive at thestory and atmospheric heights of its first sequel has led to greatfrustration on the games that have seemed as.

I can not refuse that I bear a greatresentment toward more recent Silent Hill games. Homecoming disgustedme; I felt Shattered Memories was a travesty; and although I foundOrigins to be surprisingly spooky, I can not say it engaged me to anygreat degree. On each game, I wished for the best, and came awayfurious.

On this in mind, I will let that I wasprepared for disappointment on Silent Hill: Downpour. In fact, I wasready to contemn it, particularly later a especially bad E3 demo. Yourequire to experience this, thus you can understand only howremarkable it is that I beat Downpour in two sittings above thecourse of a single day, and was captivated the entire time.

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A convict on a bad reputation and aapparently violent streak. Like we join him, he is with a prisontransfer for reasons inexperienced, but has the grave misfortune ofpassing by Silent Hill on the way. Like one would require, thetransfer bus meets on an unhappy accident, crashing in the woods andfreeing Pendlet on. Naturally, all things happen for a reason inSilent Hill, and like Murphy fights his way via the supernaturaltown, he recognizes that somebody -- or something -- experiencesabout his private life and is intent on forcing him to face his past.

Although devotees of the seriesexperience many of its tricks by now, and the plot twists look incredibly familiar,Downpour still crafts an engaging story famous byintriguing characters. Pendleton is by far one of the morecharismatic protagonists we have seen in a while, and as more of hishistory is revealed, it's hard not to sympathize with the path heeventually took. At various junctures in the game, minor "moralchoice" moments influence the outcome of Murphy's journey andultimately decide what kind of person he is.

A series as Silent Hill is confrontedwith a constant pressure to develop, as many of the things that oncemade survival horror scary are considered obsolete and undesirable bymodern standards. With that in mind, it is interesting to note howmany contemporary concepts Vatra Games has ignored. Combat isunwieldy and inelegant.

There are instants where fixed cameraangles limit the player's power to watch too far ahead. Explorationtakes center stage, with only a vague map to rely on and no compassesholding hands. Downpour is as close to old-school survival horror asa mainstream retail game has gotten in a long time, and couldpossibly be allowed to get away with.

Silent Hill has not been this powerfulin a long time, and it is truly wonderful to see the series in thehands of a studio that actually gets it, for the most part. Itcertainly stumbles along the way, but this is the closest SilentHillhas come to its roots in a long, long time, on Vatra retainingthe old survival horror elements that work although discarding mostof the ones that don't. It is a remarkable balance between new andold that reminds me why I loved this series so much in the firstplace.