Importantly more money than morals a huge private army and one to two billion followers world wide. It all has Raul Menendez the villain in the new Call of Duty. In the campaign of Modern Warfare 2, we familiar as an elite soldier Alex Mason in missions in the 1980s, gradually as Menendez brought it to his wealth. And experience in 2025 as Alex's son, David Menendez was therefore for evil upon the world. Fairly soon is clear we are along with a handful of other elite soldiers tied in nearly with the career of the top villains and have to stop him.

The storyline of Modern Warfare 2 is somewhat less than in previous series tells incomprehensible component. In addition to flashbacks from the perspective of former Sergeant Frank Woods there again cut scenes and tangled wild multimedia gadgets. We ended although a clue about what happened but perfectly feel it is not clear who has beaten whom, tortured, murdered or betrayed.

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The second mission in 2025 will be spectacular to start with a short position on a steep climb but is not much more than the usual banging initially in the fresh air, then in an underground laboratory. Then it is back to the past: In Afghanistan, we may one shoot horseback Russian helicopters which also does not have actual fun abysmal animated.

Then, however gains the quality of the missions felt. One of the highlights is a use in Pakistan. Only we struggle at night and heavy rain to walk the high waist flooded roads of a city and soft like from the light cones of flying drones. Then time is no longer time shot rather we listen Menendez through directional microphone and have it follow him by a building. Of course we are functioning on sooner or after and therefore there is a spectacularly staged the final flight when we back to the weapons aboard a drone operated and controlled on the ground by a jeep full tilt underprivileged bombs.

The game play of Black Ops 2 differs in some details from that of the predecessor. For example the levels are on average now created less like a hose. Although there were the even earlier but now the developers have dared to put more on large environments in which they players Herschel and forth. However If you are too far away from the area where the designers want to have him just get a Game Over message and is returned to the last checkpoint.

Palpable is more freedom in the so called Forces missions. There we need within a predetermined time for example defend a computer room. Or just destroy the air defenses of the enemy and then blow up a container ship in the air. We can always take control over another soldier a stationary gun or a thick armored drone how exactly it works, explains a brief tutorial.

The Forces inserts remind multiplayer battles with bots and have fun. They have a small frame story embedded directly into the campaign, but have to be done immediately if you like can commonly be one or two regular missions time. The Forces level have little impact on the way the campaign, and so then. Together with further decisions on the outcome of the struggle against Menendez.