In the horror thriller adventure The Second Guest you take on the role of the young student Jack Ice, who is invited to a reading of the will to an old castle but a murderer you will gain full and has it in for the heir! They discover a mysterious conspiracy to Grace Castle in 5 exciting episodes. London in 1923 after the death of the old Lord Averton receives the young student Jack Ice a mysterious telegram in which prompts you it is for probate on the old castle Grace Castle briefing. Amazed and slightly irritated about the fact that he knew not the deceased Jack makes his way to Little Grace, a small town on the east coast of Cornwall.

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Once at the castle it turns out not only that the old lord was killed but that his murderer has now apart on Jack and the other heirs. Then, when even breaks out a storm and the castle of a landslide completely the outside world is cut off is going to Jack no choice but to get to the ground. If he and the others are to survive the night he must unravel the mystery of Grace Castle and also his own past. The Second Guest is a spooky crime adventure in the classic 2D style that is familiar with the work of graphic author and film director Tim Burton inspired. A dense atmosphere funny dialogues, the game gripping story about the mysterious murders strengthen the castle. Moreover, let the lovingly designed characters the atmosphere of an annual 1920 Detectives in a whole new luster appear.

The figures here are played by professional voice actors, such as David Nathan and Oliver Rohrbeck. With a good mix of creepy atmosphere and slapstick features The Second Guest everything you can now expect from a good adventure the puzzles are challenging despite the easy to learn point and click control and cinematic soundtrack featuring in each of the five episodes plenty of goosebumps.