While the subject matter of Flying Heroes might not be original - and that's putting it mildly; it's a deathmatch game - the implementation definitely is. Imagine your Quake marine, not dressed in his laser-scarred battle armour, but rather in flowing silk, complete with turban and wielding a wickedly curved, razor-sharp scimitar, possibly with a small bar of Fry's Turkish Delight tucked away in his top pocket, and you're getting there.

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For Flying Heroes is essentially a hybrid of the old Bullfrog classic Magic Carpet (aka Bloke on a Rug) and Quake - but is it full of Eastern promise, or Western duplicity?

The main game consists of a single player league in which you play 'bots', or computer controlled deathmatch opponents, much as in Quake III. Starting off in the equivalent of the Conference division, the idea is to frag your way up into the big leagues by beating your opponents, earning league points and cash with which you can upgrade your 'craft'.