Proof that in a games publishing world dominated by multi-million dollar projects and prolonged development cycles, one person can still churn out an interesting game, and at a very attractive price too.

New Star Grand Prix is the latest title from Simon Read, previously responsible for the really very good New Star Soccer series, and he's basically tried to marry up the old overhead Super Sprint racing game style to a Formula 1 season. And in the spirit of New Star Soccer, you set up a character to start with who has to keep friends, the pit crew, the boss and the fans happy.

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Mostly that's down to your performance on the track, aside from the odd decision you're invited to make (such as do you want to go out with your friends). But this element is pulled back a little from the full-on depth of the New Star Soccer series, although you can still go off gambling to try to boost your bank balance and thus stock up on a few luxuries.