The Sands of Time takes place for a moment in medieval Persia. The amusement opens by way of Shahraman, the King of Persia, as well as his son, the so-called Prince, introduction an assault on India for admiration as well as glory. With no word of warning of the attack, India falls and the Persia army captures an immense agreement of loot, together from side to side a big hourglass filled by means of oddly-glowing smooth, a mysterious cook's knife, with a amount of women, as well as the Princess of India, Farah.

Behind the invasion, the Persia Territorial Army continues on the way to the vice-like grip of Azad. Once there, the Prince is tricked by none other than the Vizier of India, who had betrayed his citizen soil in toggle greater than preordained for a constituent of the ill-gotten gains, rapt to unlocking the hourglass among the cook's knife. Heedless of an advice, the Prince does so, unleashing a fright permitted as the Sands of Time. The sands sweep up over the throttlehold, rotary a person it touches into mechanical monsters made of sand. Only the Prince, Farah, as well as the Vizier escape this chance. Behind fleeing on or subsequent to the Vizier, who covets the Dagger of Time, the Prince through Farah join unarmed to recover the Sands of Time as well as undo the demolish up the Prince has done.

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