The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes Vol. 2 is the initial computer game formally approved by both The Sherlock Holmes Company in addition to the Conan Doyle Estate. Join Sherlock Holmes in his stirring return to 221b Baker St. to solve 16 all-new obscurities. Come face-to-face with murder, theft, forgery, dog-napping and even the supernatural! With the assist of Dr. Watson, Sherlock’s belief right-hand-man; you will locate above 1,000 hidden objects while searching 45 striking locations place in Victorian-era London. Perceive the world through the eyes of Sherlock Holmes as you track down believes while solving dozens of demanding puzzles and mini-games. Narrow down the list of expects by playing a Sudoku-style picture game to part together the proof. Sherlock Holmes will be place to the ultimate check as you match wits with more than 100 characters and eventually unravel the mystery of thriller.

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