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Thread: TAW Total Air War Fighter Jet Simulator Full-Iso F-22

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    Default TAW Total Air War Fighter Jet Simulator Full-Iso F-22

    TAW Total Air War Fighter Jet Simulator Full-Iso F-22


    As gamers strive harder to gain an adrenalized thrill from their games, publishers create more futuristic, lighting effected, fictitious games. But, being acutely different is a perfect way to create an absolutely brilliant game - in this case being real. Digital Image Design's F-22 TAW is one of the most accurate re-enactment's of the real thing in its genre. This single-aircraft simulator has broken barriers and set many future standards in combat simulation.

    Propel Engine to Full Power
    The graphics engine performs it's two tasks flawlessly. The first task is to create the 3D world in which the game takes place. Numerous situations obligate different terrain, weather, and climatic conditions. Whether it's a hot day in the Arabian desert or a cold night over the Red sea, the graphics are realistic as well as beautiful to behold.

    The second task is all the structures and lighting. The game has hundreds of different units in its database, all constructed in shape, size and maneuverability identical to their real-life identities. A full fleet of different aircraft take to the sky including planes such as the F-15, F-16, Eurofighter, Su-35, and MiG-21, and many more ally or enemy fighter planes and reconnaissance aircraft. To add, there are also a host of battleships, helicopters, and ground vehicles including tanks, anti-aircraft systems, and supply vehicles. Although only the F-22 can be flown, all other land and aircraft perform the functions as they do in the real world, and all information for this has been programmed in with a range of physical structure and armor, weaponry, speed , maximum height, and anything else which features in combat.

    Inspecting the F-22's exterior shows a flawless model, but what about the inside? Well, it couldn't have been done better. The MFD's (Multi Function Displays) are accurately drawn, and can either be focused upon in full screen, or whilst in a normal cockpit view you can look down and see all MFD's, functioning fully with all the necessary info refreshed in real-time (unlike older games where it was a still drawing and required a zoom-up on a certain MFD to read the wanted information). These include Communication and Warning MFD, Defense MFD, and Attack MFD. These are great when you need to know your current position, position of certain targets, and the position of your allies and adversaries.
    Lighting in the game is unreal! The moon gleams and shimmers on your armor, or the sun causes a bright shine and a lens flare. Weapons fire and explosions illuminate object and terrain. Detailed shadows can be seen when attacking ground units or during low-altitude flight. Explosions are also done extremely well. Unlike expansive detonations seen in fun-related sims, the explosions are accurate in size, debris detail, and smoke.

    The game also features a number of views, although the cockpit view is best suited for combat. Most other views are there to look good and add some variation, and are great for when you want to follow your missile all the way until contact with an enemy plane. Views such as a moveable exterior view or threat view usually only get used when you are very distant from a target to ensure no danger to you or your wingmen. DID have also included the Smart View system which enables you to choose what type of craft you want to see (air, ground etc), their alignment (enemy, friendly, neutral etc.) and their relation to the mission. In this way you create a set of a movie full of action and intense combat, and the cameras switch between targets of interest.

    If your computer isn't quite a power machine, you can customize the graphic detail completely. Everything can be controlled ranging from smoke detail, to shadow detail, to building textures.

    Where's the Beef?
    There are a number of noticeable aspects in the game which make it so brilliant and really immerse you into combat.

    The HUD (Heads Up Display) is superb in all respects. This view mode, displaying the pilot's line-of-sight is where most combat takes place. It has a host of different signals and symbols all referenced in the manual for friendly aircraft, enemy aircraft, ground targets, and sea-targets. There are a few different HUD's. The cockpit HUD enables you to see straight forward as well as in any direction just by pressing shift and an arrow key. This is perfect for when you have a fighter on your tail and you are trying to exact his location and your radar system is failing. An Air-to-Air Weapons and Air-to-Ground Weapons HUD displays all information on the respective weaponry on your plane. There are also useful HUD's for navigation, landing, and air-refueling.

    The next, and probably most amazing feature of the game is ACMI (Air Combat Maneuvers Instrumentation). This is an intuitive tool for training pilots, reviewing flights, or finding out what happened to the escort you seemed to have lost in the middle of battle. What ACMI really is, is a wireframe view of your flight. Recording can be switched on and off, according to what part of the flight you want recorded. Each detail of the flight is shown with different wireframe objects for planes, ground units and so on. It shows the entire path of the flight, as well as the path of weapon fire.

    There are also objects to display friendly loss or enemy kills. The ACMI system is a great way to analyze the flight ability of both pro-pilot, and learning student. Once debriefing has taken place you can review your flight. The ACMI interface allows for various views as it is a full 3D wireframe world. Display can be altered to identify targets, aircraft height, and weapons. You can focus on a certain aircraft and follow its path, such as that of a wingman who was in trouble and you want to find his tactic mistake. The recorded mission can be viewed at speeds ranging from 1x to 4x. It can either be seen in a small window surrounded with all the display controls, or you can set your display controls first and then view it in a large, full-size window. If in small-view mode, there is also a text log of all events including weapons hitting an enemy craft (it even names the craft and type of weapon), destruction of an enemy, the entering of new craft into the radar system, anything which held importance in the mission.

    To add the usefulness of this feature, ACMI is designed in such a way that each minute of flight takes up only a few kilobytes of disk space. This is great for transferring over the internet or though disks and using the mission recording elsewhere such as for a training tool.
    AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) is the next component which sets F22-ADF apart from other simulations. This is almost an entire game on its own. The E-3 Sentry AWACS aircraft is one which uses its powerful radar to identify and prioritize air threats, organizes and controls combat and flight interception, monitors Combat Air Patrols (CAP), and control Close Air Support (CAS) missions.

    The interface is split into two, namely the left and right panels. The left panel includes a 3D view of the currently selected aircraft. There are also a number of boxes to control what and how you view things including air defenses, army units, naval units, aircraft routes, and even keyed colors for crafts of different nations. The right panel included the 2D map view with symbols for all the displayed units.

    The whole game is thus like a strategy simulation. You must control flights and direct intercepts or attacks according to mission requirements. You must control all aspects of your force, from attacking certain enemy flights, to escorting friendlies to a nearby base. If you are slightly bored of controlling all flights (which is very unusual), you can double click on any F-22 on screen and take over flight yourself. The game works by selecting an aircraft and dragging it to a target for a specific purpose such as intercept, visually identify, escort, refuel and many more. The AWACS system is a complex yet fun way to step out of the plane and take control of the whole battlefield.

    Sound in the game is flawless. No mistake has been made in any aspect of sound, whether it be sound effects, music, or speech.

    Music is not even necessary in the game, when you're in the middle of battle and you want everything to be realistic, you're not exactly gonna tune in to your favorite radio station. A simple, continuous, and calming background music can be heard which never interferes with your mind and provides a lubricant for navigating through the interface of the game before flight itself.

    Sound effects are realistic and absorbent. Bullet shots can be heard from all direction when being attacked, and a fired sidewinder rocket thrusts towards the target while the sound fades with distance. Sonic booms can also be heard while waiting to take off and your wingmen has just become airborne.

    Speech although is the most impressive aspect of sound. All speech is realistic, and even though you may not understand what people are saying, it really immerses you into the game. If you do understand, however, it's a great asset during battle to receive transmissions from AWACS about your mission goal or approaching enemy aircraft. If your gunfire obscures a transmission or you can't perfectly understand what an Egyptian ally is saying, they've been clever and included the transmission as text at the top corner of your screen.

    This professional simulator, F-22 Total Air War, by DID, is deadly precise, with astonishing graphics, topped off with a host of unique visages and impeccable sound. It has many varied modes of play, and the game is highly and easily customizable.

    I have never found a game so solid. I give F-22 TAW a MUST DOWNLOAD and PLAY!
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