After the surprising Ghost Trick is the equally surprising Inazuma Eleven who squatted the cartridge port of our Nintendo DS in recent days. A game of football altogether original approach, since the idea is to mix the sporting aspect of the conventional mechanical traditional role-playing.

It may sound a little crazy, but it works pretty well and now we understand better why this new game Level-5 (including the quality standard is decidedly high) is the source of a cultural phenomenon in Japan where manga derivatives and leads followed, reminding us of the finest hours of Tsubasa. Moreover, no denying that this is the main inspiration for Inazuma Eleven, especially when we know that mixing football and RPG games derived from Tsubasa (Captain Tsubasa in VO) were the first to do so.

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We thus find a staging typed manga, supported by passages from the anime quite successful, and classical ambitions of a young student crazy school football: to win the Football Frontier Trophy dreamed of by young Mark Evans launched in the footsteps of his father player whose notebook will be a loyal ally. Mark goalkeeper gifted "the celestial hand" to stop any shot (each player has a special move) and his team not very motivated at the start, engage in the bath of the competition. The opportunity to discover a rather ingenious gameplay, boring for those who prefer the immediate action of a football simulation, but exciting for those who appreciate the tactics.