If it is clearly not easy to be original enough to spring a surprise in the gaming landscape, it is even harder to reoffend. However, Shu Takumi did. He who had given birth to countless aspiring lawyers with its Phoenix Wright series, and enthroned objection to instant cult video game on Nintendo DS, comes with a title equally creative and equally successful: Ghost Trick. It always happens on the laptop touch Nintendo is always very chatty and full of humor rather thin, but this time is no longer a question of using the benches of the courts. Funkiest, Ghost Trick opens into the death of our character, lying back in the air now, eliminated by an evil all that is more sinister.

Thus, in wielding the pen strokes, moving from a lamp to a TV, before taking control of a car, a projector or a vacuum cleaner. In short, the furniture is usually hijacked by those famous "ghost tours" that we have the privilege to use. Completely invisible, it also has the advantage that it can easily listen to conversations from a gallery of interesting secondary characters, and know - among others - that animals think. Shu Takumi was so pleased at this time by offering players a whole host of sophisticated investigative tools around game mechanics quite creative.

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She is Lynne, she was there when Sissel was killed, and no doubt our old friend the killer will try to make her skin also. In memory of our ghost returning piecemeal, here we are launched in pursuit of the best combination moves / items to arrive to save her, she and other characters from putting their two cents in our business.