Microsoft has this week gone on abuying spree and has the California-based developer companyVideoSurfpurchased. The company is responsible for the same searchtechnology that scans the video frame by frame to the desired terms.Microsoft plans to use these back-end solution for next year on itsHD-console Xbox 360.

According to Xbox Live Director Alexmight Garden for the new search options that will be introduced withthe next firmware update, be more effective in the future . The bigfall update for the Microsoft console is from 6 December 2011 on XboxLive to download and extends to the dashboard of the familiar WindowsMobile Metro user interface. This can be navigated with voicecommands or gestures.

The purchase of Microsoft VideoSurfwill cost the conjecture that approximately 100 million U.S. dollars.Exactly when to expect with the integration of the service on theXbox 360 is, is yet uncertain.