Based on Windows Mobile 7 and Windows8. Such is the new dashboard update after today as the day thatappears on many Xbox 360 gamers hot-awaited dashboard update.Microsoft distributes the all-round renovation of the consoleexperience, in the late afternoon until evening. However, players canadjust to all appearances not only on encouraging innovation. Varioususer reports (for example in the NeoGAF forum ) is the Xbox 360 afterthe update the encrypted image via HDMI only.
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Decoding therefore an HDCP-capabledevice is required. For most users, the encryption should not be aproblem, because the vast majority of TV can decode the signal. Thosewho have their console connected on the other hand, a non-compatibleHDMI hub or hub to the TV, or leads on other detours or the image tothe TV screen could have problems. A device supports HDCP that isnot, the screen remains black and the user literally looking into thetube. The fact that Microsoft missed the Xbox 360 HDCP is not yetofficially confirmed. The move appears unlikely to us but not, butalso uses the Sony copy protection on the PlayStation 3 Our requestwas for Microsoft to comment on this regard.