The PS Vita released in Europe inFebruary 2012. At a press event in Manhattan denied the company Sonyrumors that each copy of the upcoming handheld console PS Vita Onlyone account can be created. One should add, according to marketingmanager Crystal MacKenzie all his PSN account on the device, but withone caveat. "PSN ID is tied to the memory card and this isassociated with the CV. If you want to change their PSN account mustbe "reset its memory card.

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Users of the handheld console can useother than a reset, other memory cards, because there the relevantuser data stored. Of course you can also register on several cardshave the same PSN account, unless the maximum disk space of 16 GBshould be enough. Earlier this week, had a PlayStation fan taken at alaunch event for the PS Vita from the FAQ notes on your handheld thatwe can register only one account per copy. This would prevent theowners created multiple accounts, and thus would also benefit inother countries of offers.