In Japan, there are reports of hardwareproblems with the PS Vita in Japan came PlayStation Vita is knownalready on the market last weekend - in time for Christmas. However,running the initial phase of the new handhelds do not quite go assmoothly as it possibly Sony wants. How, among other things , themagazine Kotaku reports that some buyers in Japan have variousproblems with their copies of the PlayStation Vita.
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Thus already appeared in several videosthat show that when the handheld can sometimes lead to so-called"Freezes", where only a reboot of the device (long pressthe power button) will help. Other people have reported of touchscreens, the slowly or did not react in the worst case. In addition,copies of einein is the speech that can not be started despite afully charged battery. A statement from Sony about these problems isnot yet available.