Nintendo DS Lite ConsolaModel DS Lite is largely similar to that in the Nintendo DS, with some slight, beneficial changes. In the top half of clamshell still houses stereo speakers, and they are focused on both sides of the upper screen, and despite the fact that less than the original DS, they are equally great. At the bottom of the screen a little more conducive to touch, but it feels flimsier - almost as if you saved the protective thin-film screen that marks many LCDs when they ship from the factory. On the left side of the touch screen is the D-pad, which is about three-quarters the size of the original, but equally effective. Four buttons (X, Y, A and B) basically the same but feel a little more pronounced than the original DS. No more than half ovals on the top, click Start, and now tiny circles on the bottom. Button power has moved from just above the D-pad on the right side of the system. This is a welcome change as the original looked exactly the same as select and start buttons and was situated in the same area on the opposite side - which led to the occasional "turn off instead of pause" blunder.

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Back end system is basically the same. The only thing that moved was the holder of the stylus, which is located on the rear of the system on the left side of the switch. He looks a bit more cautious, and stylus fits a bit nicer. Left and right triggers a little less, but, like the face buttons, they are more pronounced and easier to press. DS cartridge slot center is at the top and the AC power port to port. The system includes a network adapter, two styli, which are consistent with Lite color, a smaller wrist strap that - annoyingly - does not include the thumbpad of the original.

The game, DS Lite to have a decent graphical quality - a little X box/PS2/GameCube from P S1/N64 anywhere near the standards. In addition, PSP games will pale in comparison. In fact, here, DS Lite earn stripes in the innovative quality of the books. If the PSP game console cousin, and I feel the same way, DS Lite's dual-screen setup, and some truly unique gameplay contact with, whether atlases, the stylus in its own Pac-Man trading Namco is drawn or run a chain of the pack trauma center: under the knife. However, many other third-party software developers, DS will try to use the full. Nintendo's all about the production of Nintendogs, Mario and Luigi hits such as: Partners in Time, and little or modified a little PSP GB Advance downgraded port, some - in either touches and a lot of dual-screen technology.