Someplace in the middle of the showdown between Sony and Nintendo for the handheld gaming market is a third contestant. It's not got the advertising budget; it's not got the big name games. Heck, its price sits between the two of them, too, with the Nintendo DS Lite a good thirty quid cheaper. And yet the GP2X handheld gaming device is statuette out an admittedly small but nevertheless visible niche for itself.

Its looks are clearly prejudiced by the rival handheld gaming machines. A large screen dominates the unit, to the left side of it is the traditional thumb pad, on the right are four control buttons, and on the shoulders are a couple more buttons to push.

Actually, we should make an improvement right here. The GP2X has potential far beyond a gaming device, and its manufacturers are being savvy enough to play on that. It actually goes by the title 'GP2X Personal amusement Player', and that's a fairer manifestation of what it can do.

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